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Ordinary Member (by Direct Debit/Credit card/Bank transfer/check) € 450,00 (VAT included)
Ordinary Dental technician Member (by Direct Debit/Credit card/Bank transfer/check) € 350,00 (VAT included)
Young Ordinary Member (by Direct Debit/Credit card/Bank transfer/check) € 300,00 (VAT included)
QUOTA “TEAM” Clinico + Tecnico (con Carta di credito/bonifico/assegno) € 600,00 (€ 300,00 ciascuno) (VAT included)


Payment by Direct Debit/Credit card/Bank transfer/check € 150,00 (VAT included)


SOCIO AISO o Laureato nel 2016/2017/2018 - Pagamento tramite Carta di credito/bonifico/assegno € 100,00 (VAT included)
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Please choose the type of inscription bearing in mind that:

  • For Affiliated Members it is meant: students in the degree course of Dentistry and Prosthetic Dentistry, postgraduates in Dentistry, PhD students in Prosthetic and Implant Prosthetic dentistry and students in legally recognized Odontotechnical Schools, employees ( graduate or not) of odontotechnical laboratories, dental hygienists with a diploma legally recognized in Italy. N.B. Certification must be sent.
  • For Ordinary Members it is meant: whoever wants to join the Academy and does not reflect the characteristics outlined above.
  • For AISO Sudent Member it is meant: whoever sia iscritto nell'anno corrente all'Associazione Italiana Studenti Odontoiatria (AISO).
    For Laureato it is meant: whoever sia in possesso di un regolare attestato di laurea in materia odontoiatrica rilasciato negli anni 2016/2017/2018.
    È obbligatorio allegare certificazione: utilizza il campo sottostante.
  • For QUOTA “TEAM” Clinico + Tecnico si intende: la coppia Odontoiatra/Odontotecnico. L’Odontoiatra e l’Odontotecnico si iscrivono autonomamente, selezionando questa tipologia di iscrizione, inserendo nel form di iscrizione il nominativo dell’altro componente del team. Per poter usufruire della QUOTA “TEAM”, è necessario che almeno uno dei due non sia stato socio negli ultimi 3 anni.

Type of files allowed are PDF - DOC - DOCX (maximum 4Mb).

International Congress 2018
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Bank: Cassa di Risparmio di Bologna, filiale 05001
IBAN CODE: IT44A0638502401100000015250
N.B. Specify reason for payment - First name and Last name of the participant + AIOP 2018

In order that the registration may be considered officially valid, you must send by e-mail or by fax to the following number +39 055 2462270 the copy of the bank transfer.

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