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Clinical cases guidelines


The major innovation introduced in 2013, presented during the International Congress 2012, was the platform: " AIOP Clinical Cases ", a portal and a true showcase in which the AIOP Members can publish their clinical cases. It is a sort of web magazine that allows to illustrate the cases with a lot of index, keywords, legends and bibliographical references when indicated.
On this site, on the home page, it is already possible to find an initial library of cases, supplied by a group of Active Members, which will be subsequently implemented and to which will be add the Ordinary Members section.
The platform aims to spread the educational materials of the Academy, in the belief that well documented clinical cases represent an essential learning tool, not only for the less experienced, but also for all of us; it is also an important mean to learn, but also to convey one’s work.

Reminder: the cases must be sent to the agency that will insert them, via the site WeTransfer, by sending the materials to the e-mail address (as illustrated by the image). WeTransfer

Instructions for the Clinical Cases presentation

  1. Clinical cases will have to be sent in PDF format (to export from Keynote click here - to export from Powerpoint click here) and must contain a maximum of 15 slides/pages - maximum of 6 pictures per slides/pages;
  2. Pictures must be in high resolution;
  3. The texts included in the presentation must be in Arial font (font size free) in order to facilitate the copy and paste. We recommend that the texts must be sent in the final version, syntactic form and spelling must be checked before sending.
  4. It is mandatory to assign a title to the case and indicate the category chosen among the following list:
    - Periodontal Case
    - Multidisciplinary Case
    - Implant Case
    - Odontotechnical Case
    - Aesthetics Case
    - "in progress" Case
    - Case of Total Prosthesis
    and to finally indicate authors and any co-authors and the nature of their contribution and participation in the case; Not to forget the keywords -"keywords" that will define the article allowing indexing on search engines;
    The discussion of the following clinical phases is mandatory: full-mouth radiographic status and initial pictures, well-defined diagnosis and treatment plan, therapeutic sequences and eventual x-rays, final pictures and x-rays. Pictures of laboratory basic phases are considered optional but well accepted.
  5. Each slides must have a title to the extent possible, but if not, a title will be assigned by default (SLIDE NO. 1, SLIDE NO. 2). It is on the other hand mandatory to insert for each slide at least one image and/or descriptive text.

    Esempio diapositiva caso clinico AIOP

Instructions for the submission of the Odontotechnical Cases

The guidelines for the presentation of the Odontotechnical Cases are the same as for the clinical cases, as regards the number and size of images.

  1. Images must be accompanied by legends that include:
    - Considerations on the technical project
    - Considerations regarding the work development and materials
    - Description of the adopted occlusal scheme
    - Description of all the operative sequences
    - Considerations on the case once completed
  2. The discussion of the following laboratory steps is recommended:
    - Initial study models
    - Provisional-diagnostic phase
    - Work models (master) mounted in articulators
    - Final wax-up with pictures interocclusal relationships
    - Frame works, with pictures showing the technique(analogic-digital), the accuracy of the margins
    - Completed case with pictures showing the occlusal congruence and the aesthetic-morphological quality
    - Any initial and final clinical pictures (when provided by the dentist).

For assistance

E-mail address is active to ask for clarification about the Platform and the way to send materials. A phone number is also available to receive direct assistance: +39 0425 989363.