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Frequently asked questions

The secreteria answers...

Do you want to renew your annual membership?
Perform the login, sign in to "Fees and subscriptions" And at the top part of the page select the method of payment and any magazines to which you want to subscribe.
From the login panel we recommend that you select the option "Stay logged", which will allow you to store your credentials and stay connected to the site WWW.AIOP.COM.

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Perform a new registration; Enter all your personal data and choose the mode of payment more convenient for you.
You can also choose to sign up for subscriptions to magazines and pre-subscribe to AIOP events in progress.

Do you need to download an invoice related to a payment on the site WWW.AIOP.COM?
Connect to the section "Fees and subscriptions" Once entered your credentials for access (in not saved with the function "Stay logged").
Your invoice will appear next to the corresponding payment.

You cannot remember your login password?
If you cannot remember the password, perform the "Recover password", by entering your email and following the procedures indicated in the message that you will receive in your inbox.

Do you want to update your page Member visible to all users with your data?
Connect to the section "Edit Profile" Once entered your credentials for access (in not saved with the function "Stay logged").
Insert at the bottom of the page, one or more private practices, in this way no personal information will be published in your public page, but only the contact details related to your work site and your profession.