AIOP - Accademia Italiana di odontoiatria protesica

The book of 30 years

During the '60 and '70, a small group of colleagues excited about what they had learned during their studies abroad, particularly in America, invited in Italy foreign specialists to deepen the prosthesis discipline which was in those days very insufficient in official teaching. Thus in 1979, ten friends full of passion and enthusiasm, self-employed professionals met in Milan in the study of Prof. Adriano Brachetti to deepen the prosthesis and the periodontology. Encouraged by the prosthesis teacher Frank V. Mrs. Celenza, they decided to create Italian Accademy of Prosthetic Dentistry. Among the main statutory purposes, the Academy aimed: "To spread the prosthetic knowledge " to an ever-greater number of colleagues, specialists and general dental practitioners for whom prosthesis was fundamental in daily work. Many actions were highly innovative for the time: the equal involvement in the society of Dental technicians, the creation of an odontotechnical section inside the clinical section and the insert of two of their representatives in the Board of Directors.

The 7th of April 1979, the constitution of the AIOP was signed before a notary by the colleagues: Adriano Bracchetti, Sergio De Paoli, Gianfranco Di Febo, Francesco Lo Bianco, Vittorio Milani (first President), Peter Minchiotti, Franco Mongini, Emilio Restelli, Sergio Zecchin and finally, by proxy, F. V. Celenza himself.

First years were very difficult, due to the lack of sponsors, founders had to support all the costs, it was necessary to promote the Academy and organize the first Congress; thanks to the founding members who personally insured their availability in case of failure, the first International Congress was finally inaugurated October 29, 1982, at the Hotel Royal Carlton of Bologna.

Famous speakers participated in the congress, among which: Artur Lewin, Frank V. Mrs. Celenza, Ronald Odrich, Jan Lindhe, Gerard Kramer, Gerd Henning and Willi Geller, and congress had a great success, launching the style of quality, seriousness, scientific rigor and independence that have characterized all AIOP events from then to now.

It is certainly thanks to AIOP and its members, the number of which has grown steadily to the point of turning the association into one of the major scientific societies on the international scene, if the Italian prosthetic dentistry has grown over the years to include many professionals, clinical and dental technicians, now considered opinion leaders in the world.